Conclusion – Season 1

Congratulations, dear reader, on reaching the end of the first season of “Ghosts: Desolation Descent.” You’ve journeyed with us through a world of mystery and intrigue, and we’re thrilled to have shared this adventure with you.

Let’s take a moment to look back on the journey we’ve undertaken.

From the protagonist’s awakening in a cold, musty basement in episode 1, to their encounters with the enigmatic creature Cerby, and the harrowing challenges they faced in the desolate landscape. Each episode brought new revelations, unexpected turns, and deepened the mystery of this strange world.

Here is a summary of each episode:

Episode 1: The protagonist wakes up in a cold, musty basement with no memory of their past. Guided by an enigmatic voice, they ascend to a decrepit kitchen and step outside into a desolate landscape. The protagonist begins their journey down an overgrown path, under a sky glowing with an eerie, sickly orange light.

Episode 2: The protagonist continues his journey along Industrial Way, where he finds himself on an abandoned set of railroad tracks. The sun sets at an unnaturally slow pace as he senses an unsettling presence amidst the undergrowth surrounding an old, rusted truck. The episode ends with the reveal of a dangerous creature hiding in the weeds, its pointed teeth hinting at an imminent threat.

Episode 3: The protagonist cautiously befriends a doglike creature he names Cerby. After navigating through a challenging obstacle, a collapsed bridge, they find their path leading towards a mysterious tower on the horizon. The tower, seemingly radiating its own light, promises more challenges and discoveries as they progress on their journey in Hass Machina.

Episode 4: As the man and Cerby continue their journey towards the distant tower, Cerby unearths a mysterious locket with a faded photograph of a woman and a young girl. The sight of the locket triggers painful, fragmented memories in the man, causing him physical distress and leaving him with a vague sense of tragedy related to the figures in the photograph. His plea for information about the faces in the locket is met with cryptic remarks from the voice, leaving him with more questions than answers.

Episode 5: The protagonist and Cerby encounter a mysterious hooded figure. The figure speaks only in Japanese death poems, yet appears to guide the protagonist toward the beacon, hinting at its importance. The protagonist is left with a sense of deeper uncertainty about his journey, even as he chooses to continue toward the beacon.

Episode 6: The protagonist and Cerby find themselves inside a dilapidated cathedral which turns into a battleground against a pack of hostile creatures similar to Cerby. The protagonist discovers an unexpected ability to manipulate his surroundings, using the cathedral’s debris as weapons and barricades to fend off the creatures. This newfound power, however, results in the collapse of the cathedral, symbolizing the realization of unknown dangers and latent abilities the protagonist must grapple with in his journey towards the beacon.

Episode 7: The protagonist and Cerby approach a daunting suspension bridge crossing a deep chasm, presenting a dangerous obstacle on their path towards the beacon. They make the critical decision to risk crossing the bridge, managing a tense and suspenseful traverse where they barely save Cerby from falling. However, no sooner have they reached the other side, the bridge crumbles behind them, confirming there is no turning back on their journey.

Episode 8: The protagonist and his canine companion, Cerby, come across signs of recent human activity: an abandoned campsite with a smoldering fire and a trail of footprints leading away from their original destination, the beacon. Despite his fatigue and an eerie feeling of being watched, the protagonist chooses to follow the footprints, driven by curiosity and the potential promise of answers. This decision not only intensifies his sense of being watched but also sets the stage for potential encounters and revelations in their journey through Hass Machina.

Episode 9: The protagonist and Cerby venture deeper into a dense, primordial forest following a trail of human footprints. The forest gives way to a clearing filled with eerie talismans hanging from the trees, a sight that fills the protagonist with a sense of dread and uncertainty. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Cerby alerts the protagonist to a shadowy figure beckoning them from the edge of the clearing.

Episode 10: The protagonist battles a disorienting memory triggered by a locket, leading him across a mysterious clearing where he meets a hooded woman. As he cautiously approaches, the woman reveals herself, greeting him with his real name – Thomas, thus revealing his identity and setting the stage for more revelations in the coming season.

Official Season 1 Playlist

As we anticipate the next season, I invite you to delve deeper into the world of “Ghosts: Desolation Descent” with a curated Spotify playlist.

This collection of songs inspired the creation and writing of this series. It includes two original songs that I, under the moniker Dyztopian, wrote, recorded, and produced. These tracks echo the themes and emotions of “Ghosts: Desolation Descent,” providing a soundtrack to our shared adventure.

Ghosts: Desolation Descent – Season 1 Spotify Playlist

And for those of you who wish to carry a piece of “Ghosts: Desolation Descent” with you, we have exclusive collectables available on the website. These unique items are a tangible connection to the world we’ve explored together, and a tantalizing hint of the mysteries yet to be unveiled.


Limited Edition Season 1 PDF and ebook – Only 100 will ever be sold!

Thank you for joining us on this journey. As we close the chapter on Season 1, the story of “Ghosts: Desolation Descent” is far from over. The path ahead is filled with new challenges, discoveries, and revelations.

We can’t wait to explore them with you in Season 2. Until then, keep the spirit of adventure alive. The world of “Ghosts: Desolation Descent” awaits your return.

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11 responses to “Conclusion – Season 1”

  1. Tyler Mathews Avatar
    Tyler Mathews

    It sounds intriguing! I like the Playlist idea to go along with the story. In the Summary section, if the protagonist has a name, I would use it instead of ‘Protagonist.’ It sounds mechanical and robotic.

    1. J. Thorn Avatar
      J. Thorn

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Miranda Weingartner Avatar

    First ever serial co-written with ChatGPT4. Not “written by” or “assisted by”, but where AI plays an ACTUAL CHARACTER in the story. We live in fascinating times.

    Kudos. This has everything I love – a protagonist whose identity is a mystery even to him, a helpful creature and a voice that guides him enigmatically through a desolate landscape.

    1. J. Thorn Avatar
      J. Thorn

      I really appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. Robin Avatar

    I’m intrigued. This is wonderful so far, and I can’t wait for season two. I wish I could afford the ebook, but rent comes first, unfortunately. My budget is very limited these days 🙁
    I look forward to the next season, and what Machina (did you leave out the Deus ex on purpose? Or did you want to see who would fill it in?) and Cerby (appropriate, as he has only one head) help Thomas to discover and come to terms with.
    Thank you!

    1. J. Thorn Avatar
      J. Thorn

      I’m looking forward to the next adventure as well!

  4. Michal Avatar

    I am curious what will be next and how the story will be revealed.
    Would you be able to reveal when can we expect next season?

    Additionally I am not sure if it’s done on purpose or if it’s error in summary.
    Starting from episode 7 it doesn’t match the episode.
    Summary for 7th and 8th episode seems for me to be episode 9 events.

    1. J. Thorn Avatar
      J. Thorn

      Thanks! I accidentally pasted the wrong episode summary text. I’ve fixed it.

      I’m hoping to start the next season soon!

  5. Mary Van Everbroeck Avatar
    Mary Van Everbroeck

    Fantastic First Season! I couldn’t stop reading until I finished the series.
    J, am I correct that the two books you’ve written about ChatGPT will cover how you integrated AI within these stories? Thank you.

    1. J. Thorn Avatar
      J. Thorn

      Thanks, Mary! And thanks for grabbing a special edition.

      In this book, I show you exactly how I used ChatGPT as the “voice” in this serial.

      1. Mary Van Everbroeck Avatar
        Mary Van Everbroeck

        Thanks, J.

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