Summer Fun

I’m going to be off the grid for stretches of time over the next few weeks and so this post is a mixed bag of information and announcements.

If you like heavy rock music and heavy metal, make sure to check out HeavyPlanet. I’m now a contributor and will be posting occasional album reviews and articles.

A new episode of the TheHorrorWritersPodcast is up today (and should be on iTunes soon). I’ve explored a few practical, administrative tips for multi-author box sets. My appearance on the Self-Publishing Round Table podcast was an extraordinary experience but I felt like I forgot to mention some of the critical details and I didn’t want to leave authors guessing about those as some of the details are important.

For next week, I’ve invited fellow horror author and metal head Jay Chastain to guest post. You won’t want to miss it. If you’re a horror or dark fantasy author and you’d like to introduce yourself to my readers, get in touch. I love promoting horror and dark fantasy and I want to share my platform with you.

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