Stephen King and Cujo

Let’s keep this Stephen King train rolling. If you’ve been around here the last few weeks, you’ll know I’ve been running a weekly series of “reader appreciation” giveaways where I feature my influences in horror and dark fantasy. I’ve given away a 1990 hardcover edition of The Stand and a 1979 first edition hardcover of The Dead Zone. This week, I’m giving away a 1981 first edition hardcover of Cujo.

Because nothing will get you in the holiday mood like a killer dog! After you’ve taken care of the decorations and put drunken Aunt Sally down for her nap, do something for yourself and enter this free giveaway.

I plan on continuing these regular giveaways until I run out of prizes. These will include (but are not limited to) hardcover versions by some of my favorite authors; Stephen King, Dean Koontz, H.P. Lovecraft and more. In addition, I’ve found other prizes horror fans will truly love and I’ll reveal those in the near future.

There is no catch. You enter the contest and I’ll email you the winners when it ends. If you are a winner, the prize will show up at your door. That’s it. Plus, if someone enters by clicking on your Facebook post, tweet or link, you get an additional THREE entries. How cool is that?

Here’s to hoping these gifts will inspire the next generation of horror fans and writers.


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