The Law of Three: A New Wasteland

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The reversion plucks Samuel from a dying world and drops him into another, a decaying desert wasteland of darkness and peril. As his memories return, he finds himself in another cycle of destruction. With newcomers Jack and Lindsay, Samuel leads the group towards redemption in the mountain stronghold of a mysterious man known as Deva. Finally, as the locality collapses behind him, Samuel realizes his only escape from the reversion will be putting his faith in The Law of Three.

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Editorial Reviews:

"Thorn is the new, fresh face in horror and dark fantasy."
JA Konrath (aka Jack Kilborn)

"J. doesn't mess around, he jumps right into the action and delivers an inventive blend of genres."
Scott Nicholson, bestselling author of the AFTER series

"Thorn brings an intelligence and thoughtfulness to horror. Someone who treats the genre, and its readers, with the respect they deserve."
David Wright, co-author of the bestselling horror and sci-fi Yesterday's Gone series

"J. Thorn's dark visions make his novels a must for bookshelves of any fan of horror and fantasy fiction."
Craig DiLouie, author of SUFFER THE CHILDREN

Reader Reviews:

"It's all about the journey, about the creeping horror of individual moments, the long wait, the brief moments of terror, and then more waiting. It was... a fascinating read, and I will definitely be interested in following this series.."
K. Sozaeva, Amazon Vine Voice, Top 500 Reviewer

"I absolutely loved this book. It is a fantastic second installment in a fascinating series. I could hardly put it down. I can hardly wait for the third installment of this gripping trilogy."
rev. Leonard, Amazon reviewer