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serious mePlease welcome a guest to the blog today. My new friend, fellow horror author and metal head, Jay Chastain, takes you underground for a look at what drives him.

The Underground – by Jay Chastain

There are places on this earth that are rarely seen. They are also rarely thought about.

These places exist in many varieties.

They are the gutters and sewers below the bustling cities of modern societies. They are the intricate canals and tunnels dug out by billions of tiny ants within the very soil we walk on. They are the pathways within the trees and flowers, the caves, and the places hidden deep within the rivers, lakes, and oceans.

These places exist within the chemical compounds, nutrients, and atoms that make up material reality. These places are the pathways electrons impossibly navigate through, the area that particles and photons zip through without even a sound. So vast are these places we rarely think of. Likewise, so vast is our ignorance of them.

The very fabric of space from which large bodies of mass float on and bend to form gravity is, in of itself, one of these places. In it exists everything. Space is the home to all that has lived and that has died that we know of. It is the only home anyone has ever known.

Yet, there is still another place that is not thought about or seen often. It is the place within us all. Its vastness feels as if it could be the foundation of space itself, almost as if they were birthed in harmony by one another in an array of cosmic chaos.

We store our emotions in this place. Our desires. Our secrets…our fears. We bury them so far down that sometimes we forget about them.

And many people are happy like this. They want you to be happy with this too.

These people—the ones who are happy hiding what they feel and think and fear—want you to do the same. They say so every chance they get. They tell you to just be happy, to accept the world for what it is. They tell you to think positively. They tell you to not question authority and to fall in line. Get a job, work until you’re old, and die feeling something that resembles satisfaction.

Well fuck them.

I have no desire to live in ignorance. I have no desire to float above ground where all the same hackneyed niceties are repeated over and over and over and over again. I see the scum of society, and I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of doing what I’m told day in and day out, of living the life others have planned for me. I’m sick of serving an entire system that could give a fuck less what I want or how I think life should be lived. I’m sick of being forced to talk about the mundane realities of modern society when I feel this hole in my gut that wants more.

So the Underground is where I live. I don’t accept the role I was given when I was born.

The Underground is where I search for truth. I have no use for groupthink or abstract morals imposed on me by the status quo.

The Underground is where I thrive. It is beyond the prison built to keep us enslaved and medicated by their drugs and entertainment.

The Underground is metal. It is horror. It is the fringes of society. It is in the conversations they don’t want us to have, in the books they don’t want us to read, and in the realities they don’t want us exploring.

The Underground is a place where we can be free to explore this strange existence together…or alone. But we must explore it, or it will be all but forgotten when the last of us die out, and no one can point the way into the tunnels, and out of society.

My name is Jay Chastain and I write dark and twisted psychological thrillers with supernatural color. I’m looking to make some racket in this world. Are you?

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