And the winner is…

Congratulations to Jeanette J., the winner of the Rafflecopter contest! You’ll be receiving a signed paperback from each author in the From Darkness Comes box set. We appreciate all of those who entered and thanks to everyone who left a review on Amazon.

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In related multi-author box set news, This Is The End 2 published on Friday and it includes some of the best authors out there today. For less than a dollar you get 9 titles from 10 incredible authors including, Elizabeth Basque, T.W. Brown, Jacqueline Druga, Rachel Higginson, Glynn James, J.A. Konrath, Scott Nicholson, J.R. Rain, Edward W. Robertson and J. Thorn.


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Pandora’s Box Sets

Dante Gabriel Rossetti – Pandora – 1869

I’ve opened Pandora’s boxes. Well, not exactly. I’ve organized them. The past two months have been an incredible ride for me as an author but I want to tell you about the deal for readers.

We weren’t the first group of authors to bundle our titles into a single “box set” collection on Amazon and I guarantee you we won’t be the last. The multi-author box set is a collection of individual titles bundled and sold as one “book” on Amazon, usually for a ridiculously low price. For example, the sets I manage sell for $0.99 each which breaks down to about $0.15-$0.20 per title. We take this financial hit in order to reach more readers. I won’t get into the arguments about devaluing one’s work because this post is for readers and readers don’t care about stuff like that. Besides, the boxes are temporary and so we view it more like a sale.

Here’s what some of my fellow authors have to say about being part of the collection:

“It’s great to be able to offer readers a wide selection of authors at a low price.” – Scott Nicholson
“It’s been a pleasure to get ‘boxed in’ with such talent.” – Michael Brentcollings

The reader gets hundreds of pages and hours of entertainment for less than a dollar. In addition, the boxes are genre-specific so you’re not getting a random assortment of stories. You get exactly what you like to read by authors new to you.

The first box, This Is The End published in February and the second, From Darkness Comes in March. This Is The End 2 is coming soon with titles by J.A. Konrath, J.R. Rain, Scott Nicholson, Ed Robertson, Glynn James, T.W. Brown, Jacqueline Druga, Rachel Higginson and yours truly. These collections won’t be around for long. So far, we’ve sold over 34,000 copies combined which tells us readers love them. In fact, many say they enjoy discovering new authors and have subsequently gone on to purchase more of our individual titles.

From Darkness Comes has a Rafflecopter that ends in a few days. The winner gets a signed paperback from each author. Cool, right? You still have time to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’ve purchased one of these boxes please leave us an honest review on Amazon. You don’t have to read every book in the collection and the review can be as few as 20 words. This is in accordance with Amazon’s Terms of Service, so we’re not asking you to do anything underhanded.

Stock up and enjoy. Summer is right around the corner.

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Time to let the myth of the rugged individualist die.

Americans take pride in being rugged individualists, leveraging personal gain in order to survive. In nature it’s the “survival of the fittest” and business must “crush the competition.” Those are old ideas and they’re dying a horrific, violent, slow death.

While it may seem as though events occurring at a distance have no direct impact on us (Fukushima), we’ve also seen that the entire globe is connected and those events happening to “other people” do in fact affect us (Fukushima). This connection is more profound and mysterious than the overused “Butterfly Effect,” where a bug’s wings in South America supposedly triggers a hurricane on the East Coast. However, we live in a closed environment and everything we do effects everybody else. Entire books have been written about the cooperative versus competitive nature of the universe and I’m oversimplifying the concept to introduce one example of it: Selling books.

Several authors made the headlines a few months back for using sock puppets (fake accounts) to write terrible reviews of other author’s books. They believed that discouraging sales of titles (using poor reviews) in the same genre would result in more sales of their title. Readers spend about 2.3 seconds deciding whether or not to purchase a book and most of that has to do with (1) cover and (2) title. To be clear, reviews matter. Not in relation to other titles, but mostly in relation to the reader’s own internal belief system about what constitutes quality.

A wise Greek once said, “In union there is strength.” I don’t think Aesop meant strength in a multi-author box set, but he would have if he had access to Amazon when he was trying to peddle those stupid fables.

I’ve declared 2014 my Year of Collaboration. I’m reaching out, up, and down to find authors that also believe a sale of one novel is a sale for all novelists. I’m not interested in competing against my fellow authors because working with them is much more effective. Whether it’s with collections (warning: soft sales pitch below) or co-writing, I’m open to what others can bring and what I can share with them.

My most recent collection contains Preta’s Realm: The Haunting (Book 1 of The Hidden Evil Trilogy) along with seven other phenomenal books. We’re selling the ENTIRE collection for only $0.99. Some of the best horror writers in the world are part of this anthology including Scott Nicholson, Kealan Patrick Burke, Glynn James, Mainak Dhar, Michaelbrent Collings, TW Brown and Brian James Freeman. The collection will be available only for a limited time.

Offer your services, knowledge or muscle and the universe will return it to you. Our collective spirit will always outshine the individual one.


So many choices, so little time.

You shouldn’t know what this was, pervert.

My wife’s grandmother lived through most of the 20th century. “Great Gran” was born in 1913 and died in 2005. She was a kid when cars replaced the “urban pollution” caused by horses. Great Gran saw the invention of airplanes, nuclear power, personal computers, rockets, submarines, radio, television, and the internet, to name a few. As astounding as that sounds, a bit north of the year 2000, our lives will see even greater change. In fact, the last ten years has brought a fundamental shift in the way we entertain ourselves and I’m not talking exclusively about internet porn.

Back in the good ole days we depended on the gatekeepers for our entertainment. The guardians took the form of record companies, book publishers, and cable television companies that force fed us everything, whether we liked it or not. The corporate whores spread their legs for sponsors, gave birth to product placement, and effectively silenced any art outside of the mainstream. Then came the internet.

Those little ones and zeros traveled down the wire through a bitching 56.6k modem and we could now bypass the gatekeepers. In fact, we did it easily. Many walls came down, starting with the Berlin Wall followed by the ones put up by the multinationals after decades of gouging the consumer (such as paying $18.95 for a CD with the band earning .10 on it). Suddenly, everyone had unfiltered access to as much stolen, err, free entertainment as they could handle. Al Gore’s internet changed everything. Then came Amazon.

So here we sit in 2013 with a different kind of entertainment problem; too much. iTunes has over 28 million songs, Amazon has over one million books, and Netflix has over 100,000 movies. The adult video site Xvideos gets 4.4 billion views per month, which is three times the number of CNN or ESPN. The porn site hosts a petabyte of videos and pictures. That’s one million gigabytes to you and me, Rust.

A new model seeks to solve this dilemma of too much choice. Some call it a “curated list”. The idea is simple and uses opt-in recommendations. Websites and services, usually free to the consumer, ask for your preference when it comes to entertainment and then provides recommendations based on those. Major retailing sites like Amazon do this with their recommendation lists, but those are based strictly on sales across all products, not just entertainment. For those that enjoy reading, is a free service that allows you to sign up for books of interest according to genre, and then you receive a daily email with suggestions.

And if you’re a fan of horror and thrillers, head on over to which is a new site I’m curating. I’ve gathered a few friends and fellow authors whose work I love, and asked them to showcase a new book or two each month. The idea is that if you enjoy Scott Nicholson, or Russell Blake, or Daniel Pyle, or TW Brown, you’ll also enjoy J. Thorn. We know because we’re writing these books, and we’re hoping personal recommendations from the authors themselves will help you make better decisions about what entertainment to consume with limited time in which to do it.

So go and entertain thyself, but stay away from Xvideos. That shit will make you go blind.

Scott Nicholson’s “The Home” Giveaway

Scott Nicholson, one of the best horror/paranormal authors around today is running a Halloween giveaway that you can enter below. Won’t cost you a thing…except for your SANITY [insert evil laugh here].

Enter the Rafflecopter to win your choice of a Kindle Fire, Nook HD, or Kobo Glo, as well as signed books and audiobooks in the Home for Halloween giveaway from author Scott Nicholson.

The giveaway celebrates the launch of paranormal thriller The Home. Experiments at a group home for troubled children lead to paranormal activity—and the ghosts are from the home’s dark past as an insane asylum. In development as a feature, it’s available in ebook at Amazon US, Amazon UK,, Kobo, and Smashwords.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author Profile – Scott Nicholson

“Author Scott Nicholson has written 12 thrillers, 60 short stories, four comics series, and six screenplays. He’s also a freelance editor and journalist. He lives in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, where he tends an organic garden, successfully eludes stalkers, and generally lives the dream. He’s online at”

I first came across Nicholson’s work when he showed up as a “customers who bought this item also bought” selection on the product page for one of my books.  Being relatively new to the Amazon Kindle, I was curious.  It took only a few clicks for me to realize that Nicholson is a prolific writer that has transformed himself as the publishing landscape has changed.  Rather than clinging to the archaic tendencies of legacy publishers, he is branching out into self-published ebooks as well as other ideas that will challenge what it means to write a book.  Currently, I am reading “The Harvest” which is a tale of an alien invasion of a different variety.  Nicholson combines elements of sci-fi, contemporary character-driven fiction, and apocalyptic outbreak stories.  He paces the novel so you find yourself in a place where it’s difficult to put it down.  Without being a spoiler, I can tell you that I’ll never look at mountain folk the same way again.

I admire Nicholson because he does not get mired in genre-specifics or cater to stereotypes.  He writes horror and paranormal but he does dress entirely in black (I do, FYI). As a musician and author, I recognize the danger of the pigeonhole, besides the pigeon droppings.

Do yourself a favor and grab Nicholson’s latest Kindle box set.  You can get it here:

This is the inaugural “Author Profile” feature and I hope to continue it.  Guest blogging can be both a blessing and a curse.  I feel guilty asking an author to do it because it requires reciprocity.  “Gee thanks, J.  Now you’ve added another thing to my to-do list; a guest blog post.”  Therefore, I’m taking the burden off of you, fellow authors.  If you invite me to guest post on your blog and you do not want to have to write one for mine, I would be happy to profile you in this format.  Get in touch if you are interested.

You can read my guest post on Scott’s blog here.