Author Profile – Angela Addams

 Angela and I met via Twitter and I knew right away that she was my kind of smart ass.  I say that in the most complimentary way. I have no tolerance for weak, needy people and it was clear to me right away that Angela had a strong spirit.  We share an interest in the paranormal.  Mine manifests itself in horror novels and Angela explores her interest through romance books.  I read “Going the Distance” and I have to admit it was my first foray into the genre.  Addams does an incredible job of putting a twinkle in the eyes of her characters.  It’s almost as if she’s telling you the story in a corner of a dive bar with a jukebox cranking out old records at a volume that’s a little louder than it should be.  And lucky for you, the lights in Angela’s dive bar are dim enough that nobody will see you blushing.  The following is an interview I conducted with author, Angela Addams.

Going the Distance is more than a steamy story.  You develop the two main characters with issues that most people can relate to along with a sprinkling of Greek mythology.  Do you identify more with Steph or with Ronan?
Ha! Now that is an interesting question! Well, I think that at various times in my life I have behaved in much the same way as both of the characters actually. I mean, who hasn’t taken someone for granted in his or her life at one point or another? And I’m certain that everyone has been a doormat in a relationship at times, right? When I wrote it, I really wanted to capture a “real” situation that involved a couple who didn’t have everything all figured out and who were very rough both together and apart.

Do you have a writing routine?  A dedicated writing space?
I don’t really have a writing routine, especially now that I’m back at work. Time for writing is scarce at the moment. When I have a project or a deadline then I start writing once the kids are in bed. My dedicated space is with my laptop in bed. I have a wonderful writing loft that I never use and a second desk in the bedroom too, but I prefer to destroy my neck by typing away on my lap 😉

Your bio says that you were “enthralled by the paranormal at an early age”.  How did this come about?
All I remember is absolutely loving a book called The Littlest Witch when I was a kid…loving it so much that my parents accidently “lost it” so they wouldn’t have to read it to me again 😉 That’s when it started for me; ever since then it’s been all about black and orange and everything Halloween 😉

What has it been like writing for a publishing house, Cobblestone or Evernight?
It’s been awesome! I’ve learned a lot from my experiences with both pubs. All aspects have been eye-opening…editing, cover design, writing blurbs, etc. I’ve learned a great deal about all of the steps when it comes to getting a book out there. Invaluable experience really.

What role does social media play in the marketing and promotion of your books?

I use Twitter and sometimes Facebook as well as my blog to promote my work. I’ve also been known to do a guest post or interview on other folks’ blogs as well 😉 I think social media can be a great method for getting your work out there. I’ve met a lot of awesome people and connected with new readers by being able to interact on the various sites.
What are you writing now and what are your plans for it?
Well, I’ve got a few projects on the go, but my main focus is on the ms I’ve been working on with my agent. Other than that, I’m always thinking up sexy new stories to write…the world is a very inspirational place when it comes to erotic romance 😉

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You can read my guest post/interview on Angela’s blog here.

Holy Sh*t

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Gotta get back to my stories…

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