Author Profile – Scott Nicholson

“Author Scott Nicholson has written 12 thrillers, 60 short stories, four comics series, and six screenplays. He’s also a freelance editor and journalist. He lives in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, where he tends an organic garden, successfully eludes stalkers, and generally lives the dream. He’s online at”

I first came across Nicholson’s work when he showed up as a “customers who bought this item also bought” selection on the product page for one of my books.  Being relatively new to the Amazon Kindle, I was curious.  It took only a few clicks for me to realize that Nicholson is a prolific writer that has transformed himself as the publishing landscape has changed.  Rather than clinging to the archaic tendencies of legacy publishers, he is branching out into self-published ebooks as well as other ideas that will challenge what it means to write a book.  Currently, I am reading “The Harvest” which is a tale of an alien invasion of a different variety.  Nicholson combines elements of sci-fi, contemporary character-driven fiction, and apocalyptic outbreak stories.  He paces the novel so you find yourself in a place where it’s difficult to put it down.  Without being a spoiler, I can tell you that I’ll never look at mountain folk the same way again.

I admire Nicholson because he does not get mired in genre-specifics or cater to stereotypes.  He writes horror and paranormal but he does dress entirely in black (I do, FYI). As a musician and author, I recognize the danger of the pigeonhole, besides the pigeon droppings.

Do yourself a favor and grab Nicholson’s latest Kindle box set.  You can get it here:

This is the inaugural “Author Profile” feature and I hope to continue it.  Guest blogging can be both a blessing and a curse.  I feel guilty asking an author to do it because it requires reciprocity.  “Gee thanks, J.  Now you’ve added another thing to my to-do list; a guest blog post.”  Therefore, I’m taking the burden off of you, fellow authors.  If you invite me to guest post on your blog and you do not want to have to write one for mine, I would be happy to profile you in this format.  Get in touch if you are interested.

You can read my guest post on Scott’s blog here.

“40 seconds? But I want it now!”

Why should kids work hard when corporate America cheats and steals its way to profits?
Why should bands write, record, and invest in their music when it’s freely given away, or best-case scenario, earning them $0 .99 a song?
Why should I go to a live concert when I can watch any performance I want on YouTube from my phone for free?

Email to Facebook to Twitter.  Face-to-face conversations to phone calls to text messages.  It’s a Long Way to the Top to the instant fame of American Idol.  What will happen when everyone gets everything they want at the instant they want it?

For your dwindling attention span and instant gratification, I offer you “Tales From a North Shore” Kindle version for free until midnight on February 3rd.  Sorry, you’re still going to need to read it yourself but you don’t have to wait 40 seconds to get it.