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Just a quick reminder that the big reveal of The Black Fang Betrayal is right around the corner. The contest ends at midnight on 10-30-14 with the big reveal on Halloween. The prizes are awesome, you don’t have to get the answers right to win and its free to enter.

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Reflections on the Fang: David Moody


It’s always good to do something that pushes you outside your comfort zone (or so they tell me). As a writer, it can be all too easy to stick with what you know, but in doing that you run the risk of writing the same story over and over again, and while some folks have made a decent career out of just that, it’s not for me.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing apocalyptic horror novels, and they’re all books which have some grounding in reality. Although I’m usually writing about extraordinary things (zombies, alien invasions, the death of the sun and the end of the world… you get the picture), I consciously populate my stories with ordinary people and settings, figuring readers will better be able to buy into the horror and adventure if they can relate and . . .

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Reflections on the Fang: Michaelbrent Collings


Writing The Black Fang Betrayal was a totally unique – and totally enjoyable – experience. I usually avoid doing anthologies unless a) I love the people who are involved, or b) the idea is just…that…good. With TBFB, I got both.

I was contacted by J. Thorn, with whom I’d worked in the past. He asked me about doing a “collaborative novel.” At first it sounded like a nightmare – what, we all take a single chapter? We sew them together like some kind of written Frankenstein’s monster? I remember how that story ended. No thank you.

But the more I found out, the more interested I became. Unlike most collaborative novel ideas, this one was well-thought-out, with a story that leant itself to episodes that would be self-contained in one sense while at the same time leading irrevocably through a . . .

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